Discipline and Conduct

Discipline and Conduct

The institution demands a high order of punctuality & regularity from its students.

Students must reach school at least 5 minutes before the morning assembly. Students coming after school timings will not be allowed to enter the school.

Leave application must be submitted in writing before morning assembly, if the student has to be absent.

Absence without intimation for a period of more than one week will render a student liable to withdrawal/expulsion from the institution.

Failure to submit application for leave will render a student to fine of Rs. 50/- per day.

Students suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to attend the institution.

The institution is no way responsible / accountable for loss of books, equipments, money or any other valuables lost by the students.

Students are not allowed to see visitors in the institution.

No students can invite any outsider in the school without prior permission of the Principal.

Consent of the parents for excursion or educational trips arranged by the school is asked in writing. The school takes no responsibility for any damage/mishap during such trips.

No sectarian or political functions are permitted to be held by the students in the school premises.

School reserves the right to transfer the child to any other campus of DHAI at any time.

School/DHA authorities have the rights to take action against Parents/ Guardians for their misconduct.

In case of duplicate fee challan Rs.20/- will be charged as fine.

Parents are requested to ensure their availability on PTM. In case of any emergency, parents will not be dealt after the scheduled date without appointment.

Short leaves of students are only allowed in case of severe emergencies. It is mandatory that only parents/guardian may come to pick the child in such a case.