Message By The Principal

Message By The Principal


It is my pleasure to welcome Parents and community to APS & C DHAI-II SEC F (Girls) an addition to the illustrious family of APSACS

The institution aspires to prepare its pupils for the challenges that lie ahead in the practical world. The school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values, academic excellence and participation in extracurricular activities among students. We offer well equipped labs / classrooms, digitally trained subject specialist with all resources in hands to promote concept of modern education in an effectual manner. During pandemic, we offered HYBRID TEACHING MODULE which is a blend of Face to Face & Online teaching practices to ensure your ward’s success in such unprecedented circumstances

Innovation in education encourages students & teachers to research, explore & use all tools to uncover something new. Innovation is a learned skill set . Our innovation programs like ROBOTICS, STUDENT ENTREPRENEURS & APSACS CAREER COUNSELING & PLACEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITIES are based upon the premise that innovation as a Set of Skills can be nurtured, taught & practiced. These skills include curiosity, collaboration, associative & integrative thinking & a bias towards action & implementation. Students who master these skills are far better prepared than their peers & live a more successful, healthier & fulfilled life.

At APS & C DHAI-II Sec F, we believe that Higher Education is not just about attaining personal wealth & reward. It is also about personal fulfillment & development as well as about becoming active citizens, who make a positive impact on society. This is why we strive to provide quality education at affordable rates. We truly have a fantastic school / college with supportive & involved parent community, dedicated & highly skillful staff, excellent resources, building & the most fantastic students to work with. On behalf of APS & C DHAI-II SEC F, I wish you the best in your educational, personal & professional.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Naveed Faran
DHAI APS & C Sector F, Phase II