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Welcome To APS DHAI Phase 2 Pre School

Latest News

PTM for selective students 24 Feb 2018 Latest     Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 Feb 2017    

Principal Message

It is my pleasure to welcome parents to DHAI Army Public School. Education is a partnership that includes parents, children and staff. We help students to develop academic skills, content knowledge, healthy habits and sound decision making Read more.


A Glimpse of Campus Life

DHAI Army Public School (APS) is based on 4 campuses; pre-school campus, junior campus and the senior campus at Sector-G, Sector-B, Sector – D and Sector-F, Phase-II…. Read more

Our Achievements

APSACS Sectt. Best School Award

APSACS Sectt. Best Principal Award

APSACS Sectt. Managment Software Award

British Council, International School Award


Value Of The Month


Table Manners

Self Grooming

Events Forcast


Dentist’s Visit

2nd Mar 2018
Say No to Pollution (Activity)

9 Mar 2018

Check Point 8

12 to 16 March 2018

School Cleaning (Awareness Activity)

16 Mar 2018

Teacher’s Gratitude Day/end of term Party

17 Mar 2018

Result Week

19 to 22 March 2018

PTM and Results

24 Mar 2018

Pakistan Resolution Day

23 Mar 2018

Picture Corner


Video Corner

Our Faclilities

Winter and Summer Facilities

Library and Art Room Facilities

Computer Lab

Sports Playground

Medical Facilities

School Tuck Shop

Activity Room ..
Read More


School Activities

Plantation weeks

Sports week

Debate clubs

Drama and Tableau


Swings, see-saw, merry go rounds, and climbing ladders are installed to cater the sports and entertainment requirements of kids. Sports week is organised and all students are motivated to take part in differnt games to help them in growing stronger physically.