Hall Of Fame CA

Hall of Fame (Curricular Activities)

4th International Painting and essay writing Competition By HRCA(2014)


Rida Anum of Grade VIII won goldmedal

Global System for Educational

Aman Jamal

Aman Jamal of grade VI won Gold Medal

Global System for Educational

Shabi Zahra

Shabi Zahra of grade VII won Gold

Global System for Educational

Amna Jameel

Amna Jameel of grade III won Gold Medal

6th International Painting and Essay writing Competition by HRCA

Balaj Zaman

Balaj Zamaan of grade II won gold medal

Little Champs Art & Creaative writing Competition 2016

Rania Shafqat

Rania Shafqat of grade V won Gold

Little Champs Art & Creaative writing Competiftion 2016

Warda Noor

Warda Noor of grade VIII won Gold Medal and cash prize

High Achiever

Anaya Omer

Anaya Omer of grade II won Silver Medal

High Achiever

Fatima Hamid

Fatima Hamid of Grade II Won Silver Medal