Facilities For Students

Facilities For Students

Winter and Summer Facilities


Class Rooms, offices and staff rooms are provided with gas heaters during winters. The School has electric water coolers to meet requirements of cold water during summer. Generator is also avialable to cater for electric shortfall.

Library and Art Room Facilities


The school has a fairly well stocked and well equipped library.

Computer Lab


The school has well equipped Computer Laboratories with internet facility for students allowing students to browse educational topic under supervision of teacher

Sports Playground


Facilities for Indoor games and outdoor games are avialable

Medical Facilities


School maintains a proper “Sick Room” under nursing staff. Fist aid facilities and medicines of emergent nature are avialable at the “Sick Room”. Emergency situations are catered by “Avicenna Medical Center”, Phase II, DHA Islamabad.

School Tuck Shop


Light refreshment along with snacks and other eatables are avialable in the tuck shop on nominal prices

Activity Room


The School has well equipped Activity Room